A little food love

We are constantly bombarded with commercials and posts about what to do to be "healthy", so I thought I'd say my piece of what NOT to do. Everybody is so different, which means knowing what to do doesn't work the same way for everyone. 

Food is awesome. Don't skip meals (thats what Snak's are for!). We need energy to function. Always. And not eating is never the answer! If you're watching your calorie intake, try portion control instead. Never skip a meal. No matter what we eat, everyone should be getting their own balance of proteins, fruits, fats, grains and veggies. It means your body will tick the best way it knows how!

Secondly, don't stop eating the things you enjoy! Living a balanced, healthy life is far from never eating the things you love. I run by the "3/4". If 3/4 of the things I'm eating are wholesome, nutrient dense, non-artificial foods, then I know when the weekend hits and I need covered bridge chips on Friday, I know that's completely okay, and I actually enjoy it more. If you cut everything you find delicious in this world out, you'll be miserable. People should be happy, and food make people happy! (You're also waaaaay more likely to binge eat if you restrict yourself to the things you love.)

Finally, don't let anyone tell you wanting more when it comes to you health is annoying. Don't let people make you feel awkward for wanting to be healthier.  People sometimes have people around them that don't necessarily live with a healthy balance or relationship to food, and don't see the benefits, or maybe don't understand how much mental happiness comes from being in-tune with your body.  Don't let them make you feel anything other than awesome. Because once they start to see how happy you health is making you, how you are more energetic, they will be envious they don't have the drive to do it themselves.

Don't give up on your food. Be kind you yourself, and keep going! It's only the beginnings of routines, and finding your path that are difficult.  Once you're feeling healthier, you won't wanna go back. We are with you, and we get it. It's not easy to start a journey of wanting more when it comes to food. We are all different. I love food, and I've learned it can love me back if I just listen.

Here's a pic of me in nature because it makes me remember how small my worries are!

Much Love x



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